Fitness drive tips👍👍👍 puls and fat😁

Fitness drive tips👍👍👍 puls and fat😁

Fitness drive tips👍👍👍❤❤❤

Mainly for women🌹🌹🌹 Men can read, too, from curiosity😁

For all from us who run to arrhythmia, crouches up to a sweat, swims to burns on their back, is subscribed to all fitness bloggers and still does not lose weight😁😁😁❤❤❤
The path to a slim figure becomes much more pleasant if you have a simple knowledge of how and when fat is actually “heated”.

👉Your main reference point is your pulse.
Remember 220 - your age = maximum puls

👉 There are only two training zones - aerobic, anaerobic - that you need to know about, and three pulse zones - warm-up, fat-burning, maximum - which are important to remember so that sports become not exhausting, but transforming your body.

👉With the beginning of any physical activity, you “move” your mortal body from the resting pulse zone to the warm-up zone (pulse rate 50-60% of the maximum). At this moment, your body normalizes blood pressure and lowers the amount of cholesterol, or, for example, restores resources after intense exercise. Therefore, do not neglect the warm-up - give it at least 20 minutes before and 15 after the workout.

👉 In the next zone - fat burning - you "do not jump" right away. The sides begin to "heat" only after 20-30 minutes of activity, so don't go right off the bat, save your energy and spend this time walking, jogging or swimming slowly.

👉 Next comes the fat burning zone (heart rate 60-70% of the maximum). This is your paradise. Here the body ceases to spend the surplus eaten per day and takes on body fat. 85% of the calories that are burned during such training are those very sides, stomach and cheeks. In addition, the zone with such a pulse is comfortable in terms of exercise. Fat is “burned” when and only when it is oxidized by oxygen, so you do not blush and do not choke, but run easily, but with muscle tension, box in sparring, swim at a good but not fast pace, roller skate or dance vigorously.

👉 If you overdo it a little, don't worry. You will enter the equally magical **aerobic cardio zone** (70-80% of your maximum), when the lungs work well and the body consumes a lot of oxygen. This is more work for endurance and increasing strength than for losing weight, but still the body takes energy here still from carbohydrates and fats. This is running and swimming for long distances and long bike rides.

👉When your breath hitches and you think, “Why am I doing this?” - this is the anaerobic zone (80-90% of the maximum). Here the body lacks oxygen, and fat is no longer oxidized so much - carbohydrates eaten shortly before training go into the furnace. These are sprint, fast swimming, statics and circular, strength training with weight.

👉Anaerobic zone for those who want not to lose, but to change their figure and grow muscles. Here the rules change: during the workout itself, the fat does not melt, as in the previous zone, but in the following hours you lie on the couch, and the body starts the process when fat on the stomach slowly turns into a press.

👉The maximum zone (heart rate 90–100% of maximum) is the limit. If you, by some ridiculous accident, train in it, just stop. The heart is a muscle that you still need to use.

👉The zones are the same for everyone, and the pulse is individual. For example, you are beautiful and you are 30, * so your maximum heart rate is 190. * 190 x 0.6 = 114 * 190 x 0.7 = 133 * Your fat burning zone in the heart rate range from 114 to 133

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