Office in a coffee

Office in a coffee

Usually I work at home.
I work at the table, then I switch to a chair with a laptop, then I get comfortable on the sofa and so on in a circle. Unfortunately, ideas in a closed familiar space quickly end and I want to go free, to the world around us and people. Then I go to a coffee and life gets better. I do not notice noise. Light and new impressions give a new impetus to the work. Long live a cup of cappuccino or ginger tea and a laptop!

It turned out that working remotely spawned a whole movement - work in a coffee. For such occasions, we have prepared an attractive collection of clothes and accessories "Office in a coffee". These clothes will allow you to keep the feeling of a holiday even on working days, and accessories made using the same prints will attract attention. They are nice to hold and a pleasure to use.

Family Records and founder Wesley Verkhov shares his positive experience working from a coffee shop.
Change of environment promotes creative processes
Working even in the most amazing and unusual offices or remotely, there is a chance to fall into a state of routine, and routine, as you know, is the first enemy of creativity. A change of scenery, even for a day, gives new sensations, which, in turn, stimulate creativity and give inspiration.

Less distractions
It seems counterintuitive, but the number of distractions in a noisy coffee is lower than in a quiet office. In the office, work is constantly interrupted by work questions and conversations at the cooler or kettle. Any interruptions reduce productivity. The atmosphere of the coffee combines all the advantages of "anonymity" and joint productive activity. Unlike working from home, where you work alone and constantly struggle with laziness, a coffee provides an opportunity for comfortable interaction between people (team) on your terms.

Own community and meeting new people
Meeting new people always gives you new ideas, new perspectives on existing problems, and can also inspire you.

To make your coffee shop experience as rewarding and enjoyable as possible, keep the following things in mind:

Change the cafes you go to work. Instead of going to the same place every time, go to different places.

After all, the main goal is to get rid of the feeling of routine will be achieved with clothing and accessors from collection "Office in coffee" by IP- artstudio.
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